Is Bitcoin Billionaire a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First

I downloaded the free game Bitcoin Billionaire by Michael Stockwell (published by Noodlecake Studios) expecting to be unimpressed or annoyed. The more serious Bitcoin miners among us might still have that experience in spite of its ability to grow on you. Take comfort in the fact that it didn’t cost anything (except time) to play, though.

Over time you can upgrade your office. As you see, the author is still in the beginning stages.

Game Concept

When you start the game up you are presented with a warning: the bitcoins you are about to mine are not real. I guess you never know what users are going to think they can do with a game. In any case, this game wants you to tap. And tap, and tap, and tap. (Must be why they call it the genre “idle tapping.”) For added convenience, you can even tap with multiple fingers at once. The object is simple: mine as many bitcoins as you can, and grow your investment by diversifying. To do so, you tap the computer where your avatar is working steadily to a fortune.

Occasionally packages arrive, containing either upgrades to your miners or other bonuses. You can spend your virtual Bitcoins on upgrades and investments such as lottery tickets and comic books. Now and then you get unlucky, like below. “Someone divided by zero.”

But now and then you get lucky, like when these leprechauns walked by my avatar’s window.

Bitcoin Billionaire Registration Area

And right here below we can clearly see that the Bitcoin Billionaire scam is a cloned software. We have attached images below as proof so you can see. Notice the text in the middle (tap to watch), the logos below, and the registration form with the three fields to fill out. This means the Bitcoin Billionaire, Market Master, and Crypto Crash Fortune are all copied and operated by the same crooks. It’s silly but if you take a close look and enlarge the images you will see that they include a Better Business Bureau logo, when in fact traders from the US are not even allowed to signup. Additionally, the Forbes, BBC News, and CNN logos are also used as if to show that this software is legit (but that’s not really the case as we already know).

Bitcoin Billionaire Cloned Software

Fake Bitcoin Billionaire Testimonials
The testimonials section is also completely forged. We immediately smelled a rat when we saw the images as they are totally scraped off the internet and used without permission. We have also attached proof of this.

Bitcoin Billionaire Fake Testimonials

Fake Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews

We managed to find 4 fake Bitcoin Billionaire reviews and pasted their images for you as a point of reference. It’s interesting to see that it’s always the same scamming websites which popup and manage to get the most exposure on search engines. So to be quite honest we completely understand if you took the bait and invested because these review sites can be very persuasive.

Bitcoin Billionaire is free-to-play, but is definitely a game that can be played without spending a dime or even watching a single ad, it’ll just require slower progression. There’s a two-tier currency system, but the hard currency, hyperbits, are given out for free, 25 per day. There’s incentivized video ads for a number of purposes, but there’s also incentivized banner ads, where displaying banners for a certain amount of time will grant a reward similarly to the video ads, like a coin burst based on investment earnings, or bonus tapping rates. The random events that pop up can be enhanced if positive or bypassed if negative by watching a video ad or paying 2 hyperbits.

As far as what actual money can be spent on, these include hyperbits which can be exchanged for bitcoins or supercharged boosts. There’s an Auto Miner available so you can tap and hold in order to mine bitcoins. There’s a coin doubler and a daily hyperbit doubler. You can also buy a cat for $0.99 or 50 hyperbits.

The price of Bitcoin Billionaire

This is free software that only requires you to make an initial deposit of $250. However, this money is yours to keep. The deposit is only meant for you to provide something that can be based on to generate millions for you.

You will not be asked to make any other deposit later on. Within the shortest time, you will have discovered that you made the best decision to make a deposit. The outcome is exponential and surpasses the amount invested in folds.

How soon can you start earning with Bitcoin Billionaire?

Earning from Bitcoin Billionaire takes a much shorter time. Immediately you are done registering and spoken with an expert advisor, you will be ready to begin earning. The registration takes not more than 10 minutes and the advisor contacts you almost instantly. The length at which you converse depends on how many questions you have then you are good to go!

You can make money starting today. The software allows you access to a world-class technology that helps you earn from each transaction from any part of the world! Register today to experience what I am talking about.

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How Does the Bitcoin Billionaire Work?

Bitcoin Billionaire is software powered by one of the most complex algorithms. This algorithm keeps watch of each single Bitcoin transaction going on throughout the world. Whether it is a purchase of bitcoins, sell or simply use of the same, Bitcoin Billionaire registers this and helps you make money.

It does not matter where the trading is happening from. That’s because the software is deeply rooted throughout the Bitcoin Network. Thus, you can be sure that all the avenues to make money have been properly covered so that no opportunity passes you.

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Is the Bitcoin Billionaire Legit?

Bitcoin Billionaire has countless testimonials from people of how they were able to make money from the platform. From Steve Paul who describes it as “the best thing he has ever done” to Rosie MacDonald who says “it is easy to use and the expert advice is incredible,” there is literally no reason why you should doubt whether Bitcoin Billionaire is legit.

This software is legit and will help you earn the amount you have always desired. As at the moment, it has 1000 members. It needs an additional 50 new members after which all spaces will be taken. Do not be one of those people who regret having failed to make use of an opportunity when it was available.


With an initial deposit of $250, you are set to make profits. Furthermore, the deposit is yours to keep. There is no doubt that Bitcoin Billionaire is one of the most incredible releases. Why waste more time when you have an opportunity to make use of it now!

Bitcoin Billionaire is the surest way to secure your future. The technology it is based on is world-class and never misses a single transaction – purchase, sell, or use of Bitcoin! Register today for your free account and start profiting immediately.

ROBOT Bitcoin Billionaire
Official Website URL
Support Types Email, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Payout 97%
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Visa, Maestro, Master Card, Diners Club, SWIFT
Number of Assets 100+
Overall Score 4.9/5

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